CBD Oil For Cats Also Available – Details For Feline Lovers

CBD Oil For Cats Also Available – Details For Feline Lovers

Everybody loves animals and pet cars therefore this article will help them better understand the requirements of their animals and pets. So learn more!

If you have pet cats and you want all the good things for them, you try everything that would pamper them, make them happy, make them look beautiful, etc. Aside from giving them good food and grooming them, there are multiple ways to take care of your cats (check this out).

Apart from the usual ways of taking care of your felines, however, you may also want to try checking out CBD oil for cats.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is one of the varieties of CBD products that are concentrated. It means they contain more CBD compared to other CBD products.

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the active components of hemp plants. Hemp plants are under the Cannabis Sativa plant genus, together with the Marijuana. This is why Cannabidiol is oftentimes mistaken to be derived from Marijuana.

To explain further, Hemp plants and Marijuana plants are both from Cannabis. Hemp contains more Cannabidiol which is a non-psychoactive component. On the other hand, Marijuana contains more THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is a psychoactive ingredient. This means that the one that gives you the “high” feeling when consumed is the THC. Cannabidiol cannot give you that feeling. 

Benefits Of Cannabidiol To Cats

Before we discuss the benefits, your cat may get from consuming CBD, always remember what your veterinarian is always saying. For instance, whenever you try new products, make sure it is from a trusted company like Holistapet, Charlotte’s Web, etc. With this, you ensure you get quality products.

For centuries, Cannabidiol had been used already by humans for several medical purposes, a study traced. As for the animals, there relieve anxiety is no solid evidence yet regarding their effects on them. However, for our lovely felines, several studies are being conducted now to solidify the evidence of the effects of Cannabidiol on our cats. Nonetheless, the following are some of what the experts believe in:

Neurological Diseases In Cats

A cat that’s getting old and yowls for no reason is one sign that he might have dementia or any neurological condition. Cannabidiol is known to have good effects when it comes to the treatment of neurological disorders. It regenerates brain cells.

The cannabinoid system of cats works the same as the cannabinoid system of us humans. Cannabidiol products have shown promising effects when used for neurological conditions of humans. Therefore experts suggest that it will have the same effect on our feline friends.

Cat Anxieties

As cat owners, you for sure know how pets feel in certain situations. There are times when they feel anxious, especially when they feel abandoned. Our cats get clingy at times, and when we go to work or leave the house for some reason, they usually feel anxious.

Cannabidiol is said to have anti-anxiety effects that could help brighten your pet’s mood and give them a positive feeling. This also means that it helps combat the stresses that your cats are experiencing. Another thing is it helps them relax and have a good sleep.

Cat Pains

Our pets do not talk, but we know when they are in pain. Cannabidiol has a remarkable pain-relieving effect that may help our felines. Also, it has anti-inflammatory effects.

Pains that the oil can help relieve include muscle pains after a long day of playing or hunting or even pains brought about by aging.

How To Give Cannabidiol Oil To Cats

There are different ways on how to have your pets consume CBD oil. Following are some tips:

  • Drop the oil in your pet’s mouth with the use of a dropper. This is the simplest way to give the oil to them.
  • Mix with food and drinks. If your cats are very sensitive with taste and they do not like the oil being dropped directly into their mouth, you may mix it with their food or water/milk. It will still give them the same effect.

This also includes the treats you give them. You may be creative with this one and try to hide the oil in any place possible as long as it reaches his mouth and swallow it.

  • Apply as topical. Simply rub it on the area affected (to be used if they suffer muscle and joint pain). Also, others are trying to use this as the massage oil if they do a little massage to their pets because it will help them relax.

Is It Safe?

The use of Cannabidiol for cats was declared safe by the authorities and experts. However, we have to be reminded that the key is always proper dosage (link: https://www.thesprucepets.com/is-cbd-oil-good-for-cats-4686100).

Veterinarians suggest that at the initial use of the product, the ratio should be 1 to 2 mg for every 10 pounds body weight. If your pet’s body reacts very well with the given dosage, you may increase it to 5 mg. Make sure to monitor your cat’s reaction every time you give him the oil.

Same with other medicines, CBD oil also has side effects but is very minimal since it is organic. Side effects may include stomach problems, drowsiness, and change in appetite.

Is It Legal?

The growing of hemp was legalized through the Farm Bill that was signed into law by former president Trump last 2018. However, even though this is a Federal law, each state has its jurisdiction over the legalization of this product. Therefore, you need to check if it is legal in your state before buying one or if you are planning to have a vacation with your pet to other states and you plan on bringing the oil. Make sure it’s legal there.

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