College Success in a Study Abroad Program

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I have struggled all my life with books. Some of my colleagues were self proclaimed smart workers and some were modest enough to say that they are hardworking but dumb. In my case I tried both smart work and hard work but, unfortunately neither of the strategies worked. I guess success in college is a goal achieved by maintaining a balance.

Everyone cannot have a balance but definitely everyone wants to be successful in accomplishing their goals. Your goals while you are in an international college / University range from passing a certain number of courses to getting a degree, from eventually getting a job to getting a job that is best. Your goals may range from improving yourself personally, financially and intellectually to keeping your family happy. Whatever your goal is, the bottom line is that you want to make an impact on the college scenario by staying on top while you are away from your home country. The following suggestions cannot guarantee success in a study abroad program but they will improve the probability of success if followed

Be Organized.

To succeed at an American college / European University, a student must be organized. The college will have a counseling department with advisors who can help the student structure the best program. It is then up to the student to handle four or more courses at once, write and hand in term papers on time, and prepare for examinations.

Try to be different things to different people.

Every professor and every employer you face in your quest for getting the best in a foreign university will be different with varied expectations from you. I suggest that all students should invariably maintain a good relation with the instructors and moreover you should be able to find out their academic and professional interests through your departments or websites of your instructors. It pays to have a good knowledge of what the individual professors are looking for, which professors are difficult or have personality problems, which professors are well loved or generate a lot of loyalty among the students. The more experienced students can be helpful sources for this information.

Always abide by the rules and laws.

Throughout a college student’s school career, he or she must pay careful attention to deadlines, school regulations and the paperwork the school bureaucracy requires. Fees should be paid on time. Lack of attention to paperwork and deadlines can cause tremendous problems, especially for foreign students.

Handle your coursework with utmost Care. 美國留學 

In college go straight and turn right. A major part of college success involves the choice your curriculum. There are various forms you have to fill before you actually start the course or during the course. These forms are predictive of your graduation plans and decide your future in a study abroad program. It is important to consider the employment situation after college, or whether or not graduate study is planned. Advance planning will give the college student a good career foundation.

Dr. Jagdish Khubchandani is A Research Assitant in the Department of Public Health at Western Kentucky University. He is a physician from India who now represents the College of Health and Human Services at the Graduate Council of Western Kentucky University. He is the author of the famous Indian book “All In One- A comprehensive review of Internatioanl education and foreign exams”. The book has an online supplement.



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