Hiring the Right Luxury Travel Agency

Hiring the Right Luxury Travel Agency

In modern society, the importance of travel has been steadily rising, seeing as it is paramount for communities to join hands and many businesses to take off. No wonder then, that the worldwide travel industry is valued at over a trillion dollars and its growth is poised to surpass the actual global economy growth rate.

In such a huge industry, there are millions of travel agencies, big and small, generic and niche. In times where Pesach Program time is short, these are people that are able to help make your travel plans concrete. However, the luxury traveler, in particular, is generally better off finding some expert travel advice from a luxury travel specialist agency. As a general thumb of rule, the more complex, expensive and luxurious your travel needs are, the more you would benefit from the services of a good travel agency. The advantages are numerous: professionally and fully customized, planned itineraries, hassle free transport and accommodation, good recommendations for local guided tours, great upgrade facilities, and even priority access in specific areas such as high end restaurants or your favorite theatre show.

Selecting the right luxury travel agency can be a daunting task, since you are practically dependent on them for ensuring that you and your family are able to enjoy that luxurious cruise you’ve been planning for ages. Here are a few pointers that can help:


    • Look at the agency’s credentials: Because of the sheer size of the travel industry, there are a lot of players that barely qualify as tour operators, let alone experts. In the luxury travel segment, qualifications do help in terms of at least establishing that the person/s you are entrusting your holiday arrangements to, is likely to put in some channelized effort to guide you properly.


    • Ask about professional associations and memberships: The idea is to ensure that your travel partner has proper industry recognition by means of affiliation with likeminded professional bodies, such as ASTA, for instance, which seeks to protect consumer rights and sets a proper code of ethics.


    • Specialists are recommended: Rather than going to an agency that offers a large range of travel services, it is best to choose an agency that specializes in luxury travel. These are often the ones with the maximum clout in various offshore locations in important areas. This could include the best local tourist guides, preferred bookings in the best accommodation, useful contacts, special privileges and so on.


    • Be particular about accessibility: A great travel agent is always accessible, period. Imagine being stranded on an exotic island where your hotel reservations are not made and you are unable to reach your agent. The most trusted travel agent is often the one who has been there for you in seemingly the most tedious of travel situations, and has emerged with real solutions.


  • Draw up relevant documentation: When you are taking your family on a world tour, you’d benefit from a proper agreement laying out terms and conditions, as opposed to only verbal promises.


So go ahead, find the perfect travel agency and embark on that long-awaited luxury cruise!


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