How to Choose Effective Keywords For Your Articles – They Do Matter

November 19, 2022 0 Comments

Time spent on building your article writing skills, and honing your keyword research skills is well spent, and will be well rewarded. Find out how to choose effective keywords or phrases, apply the results and see more traffic to your site and higher search engine rankings.

My Considerations for Keyword Research Tools

* They should be free if possible

* They should report reasonably accurate results.

* They should be easy to use.

What Information Do We Need For Keyword Research?

If we can find just two pieces of information about our keyword phrase, we are in good shape! Once we get those two critical bits of info we can really crunch some numbers.

Those critical numbers are:

1. The number of searches for our keyword phrase.

2. The number of results for that specific search.

The Methodology

I find the best way to find things to write articles about, is to do it all backwards.

FIRSTLY, discover whatever keywords and phrases in your niche will be competitive, with a good search volume and not too many results.

Its entirely pointless writing a wonderful article  토토사이트  about something someone will never search for; just as it’s difficult to be noticed if there are millions of results for your phrase.

It becomes difficult, after having written an article to find keywords to suit.

SECONDLY, write the article, always keeping in mind that you need to include the keyword phrase “in toto” in the title, and the first paragraph. Your second and subsequent keywords can appear once or twice in the article body. Try to get your primary phrase in the last paragraph as well.

In summary then, know what keywords you are going to use as the basis for your article. Three or Four keyword phrases would be nice, but try to have at least two per article.


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