The K35 Beechcraft Bonanza Meets Most Needs For Regular Aircraft Missions

The K35 Beechcraft Bonanza Meets Most Needs For Regular Aircraft Missions

For most people, purchasing their first aircraft can be as daunting as buying their dream home or getting married. Buying your first aircraft means you are completing a personal and deeply satisfying dream of yours. Because of this, purchasing an airplane can seem like an extremely daunting task.

Only one in a hundred people in the United States have a pilots license, and a small percentage of these actually own a plane of their own. Joining the ranks of the few who own their personal aircraft is quite the undertaking, but its one that is immensely satisfying and rewarding.

Sometimes people can get stuck picking which aircraft would be right for them, with thousands of models to choose from. The fact that each model has different pros and cons doesn’t help. Don’t get stuck before you’ve even begun!

There is one thing you can do to narrow down your search, one thing that will save you a lot of time in the pre-planning BONANZAJP stage of purchase. You first have to decide on what your flight mission will be. This means what you’ll be using it for.

A question to ask yourself is how far will you be flying?
If you’ll be flying a hundred miles away to a secluded lake where you can fish, you wont need a long range airplane. If your going to be flying 2 states away consistently for business however, you might want to consider a longer range airplane so you wont have to stop to refuel during your trip.

Basically, ask yourself what your mission is. After you’ve decided exactly on what you’ll be using your aircraft for, get the airplane that meets your needs 80% of the time. What I mean by this is do not get a 6 seat airplane if it will just be you and your spouse ninety percent of the time up in the air.

Getting a smaller plane can save you in expenses that you normally wouldn’t think of. Cost of gas, maintenance, and insurance are just a few to name. Another thing that people need to take into consideration when buying a new plane is their piloting skill. If your just starting out, you’ll want to consult with an expert to see just what kinds of aircraft you personally are safe to fly.

So by now, you should be down to about two or three models that fit your needs. Piloting skill, budget, and seating are but a few of the variables that you’ll want to consider when defining your flight mission. Make sure to be specific about what you’ll be using your aircraft for, and the rest should fall into place easily.


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