The Way to Be Able to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

The Way to Be Able to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

If you ever choose to be able to refinish kitchen cabinets instead of replace them, you will save thousands of dollars on this progress. Through replacing cabinets at a cost of $3,000 to be able to $5,000 in order to refinishing them for a few hundred, it is not difficult to be able to see the reason why this is a well-known remodeling decision. Of course, you ought to have wood cabinets in order in order to be able in order to refinish them at all.

1. Take out the draw pulls knobs, hinges and also other hardware.

2. With 100-grit sandpaper plus a random orbital sander, sand the cabinet frames and even doors. Use about 60-grit sandpaper for simple areas. Be sure in order to retain sharp edges and even don’t sand down any detail or round off edges or corners.

3. Making use of wood putty, overfill any dings, nicks plus dents then smooth it more than with a flat surface like an edger or a flat tool. As soon as it’s dry, sand it until smooth and also the clean the wood having a damp cloth. After it is dry, you’re ready to be able to refinish kitchen cabinets with paint or stain.

4. You will either want to be able to apply stain at this point, when you want a wood glance, or you will use a primer to be able to prepare for painting. Choose an oil-based primer. Plus do not scrimp on the brand. Spending more on good quality primer is worth it whenever you won’t have deal with cabinets that are peeling or flaking down the road. If you’ve stained cabinets, selected via something oily, and also it won’t come off, opt for a primer that doubles as a sealer to be able to keep the stains via seeping through and also showing within your paint job. Oil-based primer is more high-priced and even much messier to be able to use, but oil-based primers plus paints are much more durable than latex.

5. Making use of oil-based paint plus long, smooth strokes, utilize a single coat of your option of paint, starting at the backs with the kitchen cabinets to be able to steer clear of dragging your arm by means of wet paint later. Pick an oil-based paint in semi-gloss or full-gloss to be able to get a specialist wanting completed result. Let dry plus apply a second coat.

6. Depending on the appear you are going for, you may paint the trim and also molding a various coloring than the base of the cabinets or the doors. If the doors have framing molding and even they’re square, then painting the open area on the doors could give a dramatic appear, specially if it’s vastly various that the framing molding.

7. Once every part is dry, reattach the cabinet doors and even then reattach the draw pulls and also knobs. While Wood Door Refinishing can appear brand new even with old pulls plus knobs, currently is the ideal time in order to produce the change to be able to in reality put the finishing touches on your cabinets.

If you have wondered whether you should refinish kitchen cabinets or reface, your budget and even the type of cabinets you’ve could be tutorial. Refinishing could cost about $200 where refacing runs around a minimal of $1,000. In case you do not have wood cabinets, you’ve in order to reface or replace. But if you ever opt in order to refinish kitchen cabinets you needs to be able to be able to restore them to be able to their organic beauty.

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