World of Warcraft Easy Gold

December 6, 2022 0 Comments

If you are an online gamer and have played Blizzard’s World of Warcraft for more than a couple of hours, you will know just how frustrating it can be to be short of gold, the in-game currency. You need a ton of gold for any decent item or weapon in the Auction House (AH). It even costs to travel any distance if you don’t want to walk.

So, what are the easy ways to gather gold?

The most important thing you can do is to have the right professions at an early level. You can train for two different professions at level 5 in any major city. Many professions will actually cost you a bunch of gold for materials and won’t make you anything until the highest levels. This is not what you want at all. The only Warcraft professions that will actually makeĀ  Buy wow gold you some money at low levels are the gathering professions; herbalism, mining and skinning. You can literally gather up items at no cost and sell these in the AH for a good sum of money. I suggest you take up mining and skinning to start with. You can skin any dead animal and receive a variety of leathers. Light leather is always a hot selling item in the AH and can be gathered quickly as you level. Mining will gather copper, tin and iron ores. These can be smelted to bars and sold in the AH to eager blacksmiths.

Fishing is a skill that is often overlooked as a Warcraft easy gold maker. It’s a secondary skill, which means it can be learned in addition to your two primary professions. You can make 30 gold an hour with little effort on most servers. The fish in most demand are Deviate Fish, Stonescale Eel, Oily Blackmouth and Firefin. Check the prices for these in the AH on your server and start fishing.

Enchanting is another profession to consider and can make considerable amount of gold without ever leaving your home city. Since you main character is limited to the two main professions, I often roll another level 5 character just to practice enchanting. The secret is to concentrate on disenchanting. Any low-level green item can be disenchanted to create the basic enchanting materials such as Strange Dust or Lesser Astral Essence. You can purchase green armor for 5 silver or so, disenchant the armor to it’s basic components and put the components straight back in the AH on sale for 20 silver.


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